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Felicia Slattery

Multiple #1 Best-Selling Author, Former Show Host, Public Speaking Expert, and Creator of the Plant-Based Home Cooking YouTube Channel

Pure gold! More than a podcast guide!

Wow! Kathleen Gage has created an invaluable tool for vegan and plant-based professionals to get on podcasts, organize the whole process, and know how to maximize each podcast appearance. As both a podcast and radio show host myself for years, I wish many of my guests knew this information! I mean, this thing is "meaty" (plant-based meat, of course!) and chock-full of shows - 187 pages FULL of info (not fluff). As a cookbook author I love how I can quickly find my topic in the Table of Contents, and then scroll to the pages with the podcast shows and info I need about them to pitch them on having me as their guest.


Something else I love is Kathleen's guide even includes the social media links for each of the shows that has them, website links for the shows to see past episodes, and some listings include THE FREAKING PHONE NUMBERS to call to get booked. What?! 

Also, this isn't just a guide. Kathleen includes training so you know how to use the guide, leverage your podcast speaking opportunities, and what you need to know about interview marketing funnels. This is pure gold for anyone who wants to get onto podcasts in this fast-growing and fabulous market! 

John Faisandier

Emotional Intelligence

author & speaker

Do it!

Kathleen has given me confidence and courage to book podcast spots. I've gain tremendous energy from Kathleen. She is a generous and enthusiastic coach. I'm underway. Do it!

Gwen Fox

Fine artist & consultant

Retreat facilitator

Tools for success!

Podcasts are such a great way to get known, grow your list and sell your programs. With Kathleen's help, I now have the tools to successfully find podcast shows in my area of expertise and I know the best way to approach the hosts to get to YES fast!

David Monroe

Professional Photographer

Portals of Intent 

Look and sound like a pro!

Start to finish Kathleen paves the way. She is  a great coach. I knew nothing about podcasts and didn’t even listen to them but now I look and sound like a pro.

Lana Nelson

The Food Codes

author & speaker

Kathleen Gage is ALWAYS a sure bet!

With Kathleen Gage's expert insights, podcast interviews are opening the door to the world for me! You'll get a wealth of information and knowledge from Kathleen. Anything from Kathleen is a SURE bet!

It's one thing to get the interview and something completely different to WOW! the host. In this training video you'll learn exactly how to prepare for the interview, give a "KNOCK THEIR SOCKS OFF" interview and what to do after the fact.


Knowing this information is the difference between a lukewarm experience and one that is memorable, exciting and makes you an in-demand featured expert!

Discover what top experts do that sets them up for success fast when reaching out to hosts.

You also learn what material to send the host, how to give a great interview and leave a lasting impression. This training video is extremely content driven.

Section I


In this section you'll discover why now, more than ever, is the best time to get the Vegan & Plant Based message out by way of podcast interviews. Learn how much the podcast world has grown and where it's headed. Find out the #1 reason most people won't succeed in securing the right kind of interviews and how to avoid this.


This Section will set you up for success.


Section II


In this section you'll learn how to quickly get the most out of your efforts when pitching show hosts. Find out how to lay a rock-solid foundation for success, what you need to do to set up the back-end and make your website visitor ready, what an "interview funnel" is, what marketing material you need and the "what and why' of a one sheet is.


This Section is key to your preparation to be viewed as a pro.

Section III


In this section you'll discover why having various hooks & angles is a great idea. You'll also discover a super opportunity hack, what you need in your home/office studio without breaking the bank, how to keep track of your interviews and stay organized, challenges you may face and how to avoid these and most of all, how to shine on your interviews.


This section is the icing in the vegan cake.