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You've spent months, even years, writing your book, uploaded to Amazon, and now ... crickets.


  • Are you feeling overwhelmed because you just aren't selling more than a handful of books?
  • Feel frustrated because you know how good your book is, but no one even knows it exists?
  • Were you promised selling would be easy, yet, it's one of the hardest things you've done?
  • Not sure where to start and feeling like quitting?



Attention! Plant Based, Vegan and Wellness Experts and Authors... or any conscious-minded're invited to join in the...


Get Your Book to #1 Marketing Masterclass

What’s this Masterclass about?

  • Learn how to rank #1 in record time

    Discover how to market your book to get to the #1 position with a systemized process. You’ll receive the proven formula 99% of authors will never know. This puts you way ahead of the game and gets you ranked on the charts higher and faster.

  • Understand the Power of The Trifecta Approach

    Understand the three phases of a book launch and why knowing this will set you up for success like nothing you've ever done.  You’ll learn an integrated approach that not only gets your book to #1 but sets you up for success for years to come.

  • Discover little known social media hacks

    You’ll learn which social media platforms are best suited for your type of book. Whether it be a book about nutrition, health, mindset, business or childrearing, video marketing, recipes, energy or virtually any topic you write about, you’ll find out which social media channels will give you the best results.

  • Learn a Game Changing Super Hack

    Find out how to get a boatload of podcast interviews to promote you, your book and your products and services. Interviews that reach potential book buyers around the globe. (this one insight will be a game-changer for 99% of authors).

  • Find out my 10 favorite ways to market any book

    I’m going to share my top 10 ways to promote your book that are so simple, most authors miss out. That’s right… 10 different ways to gain massive visibility starting with the first idea. Visibility that equates into book sales and higher rankings on Amazon.

  • Learn how to generate revenue beyond book sales


    Hands down, this is the most overlooked aspect of making money and building a community of raving fans by 99% of authors. Even publishers miss this one Super Hack for generating money and leads. Once you learn this Super Hack, you’ll be in awe of what’s possible.



    Find out how I made $250,000 from one strategy I used when I wrote Power Up for Profits: The Smart Woman’s Guide to Online Marketing. This is something virtually any author can implement… if they are willing to go the distance.



NOTE! Even though this training is specific to vegan, plant based and wellness authors, virtually any nonfiction author will gain benefit from the masterclass.



This is not a one-and-done process. This is a proven system that will show you how to have an integrated, long-view plan for success with virtually any nonfiction book you publish. Avoid the so-called experts who are all about hype and quick fixes. Learn a real system from someone who has been achieving online book marketing success for over 15 years.

What You Get!

You receive training based on Kathleen Gage's 15 plus years of book marketing experience. With each of her books listed on Amazon, she has hit #1. She has been the marketing lead on many successful client book launches too! Learn from a pro!

  • Dozens of ideas and strategies

    Get ready to have your socks knocked off. The information contained in this training is going to blow your mind. Super powerful.

  • Included in the masterclass training is a robust learning guide you can print out to use during the training for your notes. You'll be able to refer to this as you launch your book.

Meet Kathleen Gage

Kathleen Gage has owned and operated her consulting and speaking business for over 27 years. She is the author of over a dozen books, the host of Vegan Visibility & Plant Based Eating for Health Podcast shows, founder of Vegan Visiblity Clubhouse Club and a seasoned digital marketer.


Her passion is teaching vegan and plant-based experts how to effectively gain visibility in front of their ideal clients by way of appearing on both sides of the podcast mid, speaking, authorship, social media marketing and hitting #1 on Amazon.


Her clients learn an integrated approach to achieving the results they desire.  Whether you're a seasoned author, first time author, or just starting to write your book, Kathleen's unique perspective and teaching style will provide you with a proven formula to not only get your book to #1, but to also generate revenue on the back end through speaking, consulting, product sales and more.




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