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Gain Access to Proven & High-Return Strategies to Amplify Visibility for Your Vegan and Plant Based Business, Message and Mission

Visibility Accelerator






Increase your market reach, visibility, subscriber list and revenues...


Presented by Kathleen Gage (100% ethical vegan)




The Visibility Accelerator Masterclass shows you how to...


  • Gain visibility without spending a fortune, buying ads and throwing money into the dark abyss
  • Understand how to get your voice heard by the people eager to hear your message
  • Know why now is the BEST time ever to put yourself out there... now is the time to go all in with your visibility
  • Understand the power of OPM... Other People's Markets ... for gaining visibility ... knowing this will put you light years ahead of where you're currently at
  • Stop working so hard to build your visibility and business

What makes this even better?


When you join in on the Visibility Accelerator Masterclass you never have to worry about knowing where to start ... ever again! Simply put, it means you won't feel stuck, resulting in holding yourself back.


During the Masterclass, you'll learn a proven formula for success to gain more visibility than you ever thought possible ... in record time.


And best of all... you'll learn this all within 90 minutes.


So again, if you're a vegan entrepreneur, consultant, author, expert, speaker, coach, C-Level executive or director of a vegan nonprofit, understand this... 


The Internet, and social media, make it possible to reach people READY to hear your message. When you know what to do, you can make an immediate difference for the animals and the planet.


After all, isn't this one of the most important aspects of being a vegan?


The Visibility Accelerator Masterclass holds the key to your success with visibility.


Take action right now by enrolling in the Visibility Accelerator Masterclass designed by a Vegan for Vegans.





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What’s this Masterclass about?

You will learn proven systems and strategies to increase your visibility, market reach and influence.


PLUS! Get "one-minute insights" from Vegan and Plant-Based Marketing and PR influencers eager to help you raise awareness and take your business to the next level.



The Masterclass is designed by a vegan for vegans. Not only is Kathleen Gage sharing a proven strategy for gaining massive visibility, you'll hear from other vegan experts who give easy to digest, one-minute snippets, to increase your visibility.


The Masterclass is designed for solopreneurs, small business owners, authors, speakers, consultants, C-Level executives and anyone who wants to make things happen fast.


Make the decision that will get you in front of your market FAST without spending a fortune on ad campaigns.




This is not a one-and-done process. This is a proven system that will show you how to have an integrated, long-view plan for success with your visibility.  Learn real strategies (not pie-in-the-sky hocus pocus blackhat tricks) from someone who has been achieving incredible online and offline visibility organically for over 25 years.


Now it's your turn!

What You Get!

You receive training based on Kathleen Gage's 25-plus years of online marketing experience. With decades of experience in event development and promotions, both online and off, Kathleen cuts through the fluff to give you information you can apply immediately.


  • Full masterclass training sent directly to your email.

    You receive the full video of the masterclass. The information is content-rich, and sure to get you moving forward with lots of visibility.

  • Fast Action 1-minute tips from Vegan Marketing & PR Influencers

    I've gathered together the best in the industry to share a power-packed insights to help you get on the fast track of your Vegan Visibility!

  • Proven ideas and strategies to gain visibility that work!

    Get ready to have your socks knocked off. The information contained in this training is going to blow your mind. Super powerful.

Meet Kathleen Gage

Kathleen Gage is an ethical vegan who has owned and operated her consulting and speaking business for over 27 years. She is the author of over a dozen books, the host of Vegan Visibility & Plant Based Eating for Health Podcast shows, founder of Vegan Visiblity Clubhouse Club and a seasoned digital marketer.


Her passion is teaching vegan and plant-based experts how to effectively gain visibility in front of their ideal clients by way of appearing on both sides of the podcast mid, speaking, authorship, social media marketing and hitting #1 on Amazon.


Her clients learn an integrated approach to achieving the results they desire.  Whether you'e a consultant, trainer, entrepreneur, speaker, C-Level executive, investment advisor, author or anything that requires you be visible, Kathleen would love to help you gain the visibility you deserve.



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